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Mounting after folding

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Semi-Flex PWB

Semi-Flex PWBR&D

It is a highly durable rigid flex PWB for automotive use, featuring both a thick board and high durability under extreme environments.

Rigid-Flex Series

Rigid-Flex Series

CMK was a world pioneer in establishing technologies for these products and starting mass production. They feature high-performance PWB technologies with built-in connector function, which have been facilitating the development of mobile devices in smaller sizes and slimmer dimensions.

Thinner multi layer FPC for high density components

Thinner multi layer FPC for high density componentsR&D

・Thinning technology for rigid-flex PWB can be applied to Multi layer FPC.
・Thinning method for 4-layer FPC thickness 0.18mm and BVH structure can attain higher density.