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The automobile industry is entering a once-in-a-century period of profound transformation, and the environment surrounding us and its values are changing day by day.In order to consistently pursue development and sustainability in these times, we have decided to update the basic philosophy and management policy of CMK from the beginning of this new year.

In addition, we have established four activity slogans for this year: 1. Responding to change 2. Focusing on compliance 3. Active communicating and 4. Improving quality and safety. By uniting our executives and employees to embody the ideals of our group, we will strive to remain a company that is essential to society.

Along with CMK's new basic philosophy and management policy, we will make full use of the company's advanced technological and proposal capabilities, which have been cultivated since its establishment, to enhance its value and contribute to the further development of society.

Isao Osawa President and CEO
             Isao Osawa President and CEO