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CMK Corporation has adopted a slogan for its activities for the current fiscal year, "CMK Restart - Change ourselves with the hope to prove the significance of our existence in society." We are determined to evolve by casting off the record of a negative legacy which has been causing such great concern and trouble for our customers, shareholders and related stakeholders since last year, and at the same time making concerted efforts to manufacture safer and more reliable printed wiring boards.

In addition, we have established a new three-year management policy starting this year, comprising the four items of 1. "Profit-oriented management," 2. "Company-wide optimal viewpoint," 3. "Compliance is key" and 4. "Create a motivated workplace." We will endeavor to reinforce the business constitution of the Company by seeking out the most optimal ways of continuing to be a company that is truly needed by society.

This year, CMK Corporation is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding, thanks to your kind support and patronage. We reiterate our gratitude towards all stakeholders. All officers and employees of the CMK Group will change their own recognition and behavior and quickly respond to this period of immense change, with technological innovation consecutively occurring in many areas of industry.

We ask for the continued support and encouragement from all shareholders.

Isao Osawa President and CEO
             Isao Osawa President and CEO