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Since its establishment, the CMK Group has used its management policy "Development and Lasting Prosperity" as a guiding concept, and supported the wellbeing of people and contributed to society through its products by leveraging more than 60 years of its technological abilities and proposal methods.

Going forward, the CMK Group will proactively engage in a range of initiatives regarding ESG (Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance) management, to continuously increase the corporate value of the CMK Group and achieve a sustainable society, and it will continue to strongly emphasize thorough compliance and the reinforcement of corporate governance. Moreover, by ensuring the stable supply of products that respond to the needs and values of society, the CMK Group will contribute to the establishment of a safe and comfortable society and meet the expectations of its stakeholders. The CMK Group sincerely asks for the continued support of its stakeholders as it pursues these challenges.

Isao Osawa President and CEO
             Isao Osawa President and CEO