CMK Corporation

Management Policy & Vision

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Our Fundamental Principles

   At CMK Group, we strive to enhance the mental and material well-being of our employees.
With a strong sense of awareness and responsibility, we manufacture and sell safe and reliable products to increase our value and contribute to the development of society.



Management Policy

1、Practice Fair and Honest Manufacturing.                       

2、Create an Agile Workplace that Anticipates Environmental Changes.          

3、Foster Mutual Respect, Collaboration, and Understanding, Regardless of Individual   

  Background, Position, or Nationality.                        

4、Continuously Improve Quality and Strengthen Quality Assurance.             

5、Increase Production Plant Utilization.                           

6、Promote Efficient Resource Utilization and Environmental Conservation.         

7、Continue the Development, Manufacturing, and Sales of Printed Circuit Boards to Meet 

    the Evolving Needs of Our Customers and Contribute to Society.