CMK Corporation

Management Policy & Vision

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Basic Philosophy

   We in the CMK Group pursue the mental and material happiness of employees,

      and manufacture and sell safe and secure products with awareness and responsibility

to increase our value to society and contribute to the latter's development.



Management Policy

1、We will implement open and aboveboard manufacturing.               

  2、We will create dynamic workplaces where employees can anticipate environmental changes

and respond flexibly.                                

3、We will respect each other, think carefully and talk often to deepen understanding,   

  and cooperate to make profits regardless of individual attributes such as base, division,

    position or nationality.                                

  4、We will strive to improve yields and strengthen the quality assurance system       

by making quality improvement a daily task.                     

  5、We will increase the operating rates of production plants.                

  6、We will use resources efficiently and promote environmental conservation.        

7、We will continue to develop, manufacture and sell printed circuit boards        

    into the future to be of use to customers and society.