CMK Corporation

Corporate Governance


Our company recognizes the basic mission of corporate management to be the enhancement of corporate values, based on a strict adherence to laws, regulations, social norms, and ethics. In particular, the Board of Directors is supposed to supervise the business strategies and operations that shareholders have entrusted to it, and the Board of Auditors is supposed to oversee the above. By strengthening these two functions, our company will seek to enhance the efficiency of management, consolidate management's supervisory functions, and strive to achieve thorough compliance.

Corporate Governance

Internal control systems

According to the Basic Policy on Internal Control, we have established an Internal Control Management Committee to identify potential risks and strengthen the systems to prevent them through continuing activities. Also, an internal audit is being conducted by selected members based on the audit plan that was prepared at an early stage, and the results are reported to top management to further consolidate our internal control system.


Our company has established the CMK Group Action Statement, which serves as the fundamental rules for all management and employees to act as good corporate citizens. In our efforts to secure people's trust, this Statement is the anchor for increasing awareness of compliance.
We provide regular education and training (group-based, e-learning, and other forms) related to internal controls and compliance to instill and establish this awareness. This education and training is extended to new graduates, team leaders, and the heads of departments and divisions.

CSR Promotion Structure

Promotion Policy

We believe that it is our mission is to respond to problems and expectations of society and all stakeholders through our business activities. Another important part of this mission is building relationships rooted in trust, which in turn we feel helps to improve the corporate value. To do this, it is important to promote real activities in accordance with our CSR Charter.

Promotion structure and key areas

CMK has established a CSR Promotion Committee chaired by the Director in charge of CSR. With a membership consisting of Division General Managers with strong connections to Company CSR efforts, the Committee serves as a body determining the Group's course of action and assessing its progress in CSR. The Committee also reports its findings to management to allow the deployment of relevant measures within the Company.

CSR Promotion Structure

The categories of the above items to be studied have been established based on the areas covered in the CSR Supply Chain Promotion Guidelines, created by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), and ISO26000 and other international CSR guidelines, taking the views of stakeholders into consideration.