CMK Corporation

CSR Charter


CSR Principles

CMK Corporation is unwaveringly committed to fulfilling its corporate responsibilities as a good corporate citizen to the broader society as espoused in the management policy.

CMK Group Action Statement (summary of key points)

Working with society

  • CMK strives to build trust and confidence and enhance mutual understanding with the general public to promote harmonious co-existence with the broader society.
    • We will develop an ethical structure and operate in accordance with social justice, all relevant laws, and proper business practices.
    • We will create a corporate culture that focuses on societal contributions, to establish a framework for positive participation.
    • We will protect the global environment to the full extent possible, for the sake of future generations.
    • We will comply with the global code of conduct, respect the cultures and customs of others, both within the countries into which we have expanded our overseas operations and elsewhere, and will strive to establish greater mutual understanding with all such cultures worldwide.
    • We will conduct active public relations and provide society with a deeper understanding of our aims by ensuring transparency and accountability.
    • We will respect human rights, understand different individual values and characteristics, and protect basic human rights.

Working with customers

  • Support from the customer base is vital for healthy corporate activity. CMK strives to foster solid and supportive relationships with our customers.
    • We will operate under the assumption that the prosperity of our customers will lead to our own prosperity.
    • We will regard questions raised by our customers as a guide to improvements, reforms, and innovations.
    • We will never discuss restrictions on free corporate activities; nor will we make any agreements with respect to such restrictions.
    • We will strictly manage customer information both within and outside the company.

Working with stockholders

  • Promoting awareness and understanding of our company and boosting stockholder numbers represents the key to future growth and development. CMK is committed to full and impartial information disclosure to ensure the support of the stockholders.
    • We will continue our operations to enhance corporate value.
    • We will proactively make public any information that could affect our stock price.
    • We will never provide information that could affect our stock price to our families, relatives, persons living with us, or acquaintances.

Working with business partners

  • Maintaining solid partnerships with our suppliers and other business partners is vital to the continuing prosperity of the company.
    • In accordance with sensible business practices, we will never take advantage of our predominant position in any transaction.
    • We will never make inappropriate statements, false explanations, or explanations that raise false expectations.
    • We will act in compliance with the principle of fair and impartial trading.

Working with employees

  • Employees represent the life force of the company. Ensuring that employees are properly compensated for their endeavors is directly linked to future growth and development. CMK is actively involved in personal skills development and growth programs for use both within and outside the company.
    • We will operate in accordance with societal ethics.
    • We ensure that each employee is aware of his or her roles both as a member of society and as a member of the corporation.
    • We will eradicate all forms of discrimination and enhance sensitivity and mutual understanding.
    • We will strive to reconcile the development of CMK with the well-being of our employees.
    • We will protect the privacy of each employee and create a positive work environment.
    • We will provide employees with opportunities to broaden their horizons, to respond flexibly to change, and to grow as individuals.