CMK Corporation

CMK Group Action Statement


CMK Group Action Statement

Working with customers

  • By providing safe and secure products and services, the CMK Group strives to be a group that customers can continue to rely on.
    • We endeavor to provide products and services that meet customer expectations.
    • We will comply with laws and regulations and will not be involved in discussions, arrangements, etc. that limit customers' freedom to conduct corporate activities.
    • We will appropriately manage customer information.

Working with shareholders and investors

  • The CMK Group will endeavor to gain the understanding of shareholders and investors through appropriate and proactive communication.
    • We aim to enhance corporate value in our conduct.
    • We will conduct fair and appropriate information disclosure.
    • We will appropriately manage information that may affect our share price.

Working with business partners

  • The CMK Group will endeavor to build good partnerships with its business partners through fair and equitable commercial transactions.
    • We will comply with laws and regulations and will not use a superior bargaining position.
    • We will not provide explanations that offer false promises or that are untruthful to business partners.
    • We will promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the entire supply chain.

Working with employees

  • The CMK Group will endeavor to create environments in which each employee can work confidently and energetically.
    • By developing systems and environments in which employees can work comfortably, we will work to help them improve their work-life balance.
    • We will work to create environments in which employees can work safely and maintain both physical and mental health.
    • Without being constrained by age, gender, race, nationality, religion, physical ability, etc., we respect the diverse individuality and values of employees.
    • We will not tolerate any acts of harassment and such acts will be handled in a strict manner.
    • We respect individual privacy and appropriately manage personal information.
    • Through dialogue with employees, we will endeavor to build trust with them.
    • We will support employees' personal development and provide opportunities for each employee to work effectively.

Working with society

  • The CMK Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through its corporate activities.
    • In our corporate activities, we will comply with laws and regulations and respect international norms.
    • We will work to prevent bribery and other corrupt activity.
    • We will stand firmly against antisocial forces and have no relations or dealings with them.
    • We respect diverse values, cultures and customs and promote mutual understanding.
    • We respect basic human rights and will not take part in any human rights violation.
    • We will ensure to be environmentally sound in all aspects of corporate activities and work to protect the global environment.
    • We will proactively conduct social contribution activities, centering on cooperation and coexistence with local communities.