CMK Corporation

CMK Group Action Statement


CMK Group Action Statement

Working with customers

  • CMK Group strives to be continuously chosen by our customers through the provision of reliable and safe products and services.
    • We make efforts to provide products and services that meet customer expectations.
    • We comply with laws and regulations and do not engage in discussions, agreements, or actions that restrict the free business activities of our customers.
    • We handle customer information appropriately.

Working with shareholders and investors

  • CMK Group strives to obtain understanding from shareholders and investors through appropriate and proactive communication.
    • We act with the aim of enhancing corporate value.
    • We conduct appropriate and fair information disclosure.
    • We manage information that may affect stock prices appropriately.

Working with business partners

  • CMK Group strives to build a strong partnership with business partners through fair and equitable transactions.
    • We comply with laws and regulations and do not take advantage of our superior position in transactions.
    • We do not provide misleading or false explanations that create false expectations for business partners.
    • We promote CSR procurement throughout the supply chain.

Working with employees

  • CMK Group strives to create an environment where each individual can work vibrantly and authentically.
    • We establish employee-friendly systems and environments to achieve work-life balance.
    • We are committed to creating a working environment where employees can work safely and maintain their mental and physical health.
    • We respect the diverse personalities and values of employees, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, religion, or disability.
    • We do not tolerate any form of harassment and handle such cases strictly.
    • We respect individual privacy and manage personal information appropriately.
    • Through dialogue with employees, we strive to build a relationship of trust.
    • We support the voluntary development of employees' abilities and provide opportunities for each individual to unleash their potential.

Working with society

  • CMK Group contributes to the realization of a sustainable society through its corporate activities.
    • We comply with laws and respect international standards in our actions.
    • We work to prevent corrupt practices such as bribery.
    • We firmly deal with antisocial forces and have no involvement with them whatsoever.
    • We respect diverse values, cultures, and customs and promote mutual understanding.
    • We respect fundamental human rights and do not participate in any human rights violations.
    • We consider the environment in all aspects of our business activities and strive to preserve the Earth's environment.
    • We actively engage in social contribution activities based on cooperation and coexistence with the local community.