CMK Corporation

Disclosure Policy


Disclosure Policy

We make it a principle to take actions that deepen mutual understanding with society and that offer insights for our shareholders and other stakeholders. Based on this principle, we will strive to disclose information appropriately and fairly.

Disclosure standards

We disclose information in accordance with the Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other related laws and regulations, and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuer of Listed Security stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter, the "Timely Disclosure Rules"). We will also be proactive in the disclosure of information that is not required by the Timely Disclosure Rules but that is deemed to be useful for our shareholders and other stakeholders in understanding the Company.

Method of disclosure

Pursuant to the Timely Disclosure Rules, we disclose information required by the Timely Disclosure Rules using the Timely Disclosure System operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TDnet). We also strive to disclose information which is not required by the Timely Disclosure Rules appropriately via our website and other media.

Forward-looking statements and investment decisions

Forward-looking statements included in the materials we disclose, such as earnings forecasts, are based on information held by the Company at the time of the disclosure. Actual business performance and other results may differ markedly from the forward-looking statements due to various factors. Accordingly, investors should not refer solely to such forward-looking statements when examining the business performance, etc. of the Company.

Quiet period

To prevent the unauthorized disclosure of important corporate information and ensure fairness, we observe a quiet period, which extends from the day following the financial settlement for each quarter until the date of announcement of the settlement, in principle. During a quiet period, we refrain from disclosing information about financial settlement, giving and receiving comments related to our financial accounts, and answering related questions. However, should it prove necessary to substantially revise earnings forecasts during the quiet period, we disclose such information by following the Timely Disclosure Rules.

Information disclosure to third parties and earnings forecast by third parties

In individual meetings with institutional investors, analysts, and other third parties, we only refer to facts that have already been disclosed or entered the public domain and a limited range of information concerning the general business environment, etc. We will not support any comments made by third parties about the Company or any forecasts made by third parties concerning the business performance of the Company, etc.


When using information about the Company disclosed on this website, please refer to the separate Website Policy in addition to this Disclosure Policy.