CMK Corporation

Privacy Policy

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We observe laws, regulations, and other rules governing the protection of personal information in our handling of personal information about individuals, customers, business partners, our employees, and other people for business purposes. We also establish our own rules and systems to protect personal information.

    • We stipulate the "Management Regulations on Personal Information Protection," and assign a "Personal Information Protection Officer" and other responsible persons to ensure the appropriate management of personal information.
    • We take appropriate security measures to prevent the loss, destruction, leakage, alteration, and unauthorized use and other damages of personal information.
    • When we entrust personal information to an outsourcing service provider for a business purpose, we will investigate the service provider, conclude an appropriate agreement, and take other measures required by laws and regulations.
    • We will provide our officers, employees, and other staff members with training on personal information protection.
    • We strive to improve our management system for protecting personal information by regularly reviewing it.
    • We respond with reasonable promptness to requests from individuals to refer to, correct, or delete their personal information.