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Approaching for automotive PWB

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  • High density
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PWB for automotive with high density

HDI PWB for Automotives

Possible to use High Density SMT

HDI PWBs for automotives can be manufactured based on process design and quality experienced over 15 years.

Prepreg build-up PWB(PPBU) Variation of HDI (PPBU) structure

Global Manufacturing

CMK's HDI PWBs Automotives can be manufactured at 3 factories Globally.

Reliability performance assurance

Reliability test of Manufacturing / Development products can be done using various testing machines / analysis equipments.

High Functional PWB Technology

For High-Heat-resistance

Types of PWB materials

Optimum materials for high-heat resistance can be proposed according to customer's requests based on our reliability test data of plated through holes in PWBs made with various types of materials.

Temperature cycling test result. testing condition: -40 ºC(30min) ⇔ 150 ºC(30min) / 3000cycles

Types of Solder resist

Possible to use Solder resist for High-heat resistance.
Good adhesives can be kept after temperature cycling tests (test condition : -40 ºC ⇔ 150 ºC dwell time 30min., surface finish : solder leveling)

List of photos after temperature cycling test(New condition, After 1000cycles, After 2000 cycles, After 3000 cycles)

Types of Surface finish

Possible to use OSP of high-heat resistance type.

smoothness environment cost Availability
OSP (Normal type) Low High Superior $$ OK
OSP (high-heat resistance type) High High Superior $$ OK
Lead-free solder leveler High Low Superior $$$ NG
Ni-Au plating High High Good $$$ OK
Sn plating High High Good $$$ OK
OSP(High-heat resistance type) are recommended width our comprehensive way.

(Figure of comparing heat resistances of 2 OSPs)

OSP high-heat resistance type decrease copper oxide growth

For High voltage

High power electronics units in various EV, HEV, PHEV request PWB for High voltage spec. Our PWB for High voltage can be meet the spec.

PWB for high voltage

the setting of structure, material and design specification is important! Materials(halogen-free) with anti-electrochemical migration are recommended.
Layer structure difference

PWB insulation performance for high voltage can be improved by increasing insulation layer thickness (= the number of PP).

Circuit-design difference

It is necessary for High voltage to change the insulation distance to adequate distance according to customer requested spec (high voltage spec). Our circuit design spec can be proposed based on various test results and manufacturing experiences.

For High-heat radiation, High-current

Our PWBs called CMK-COMP series can have performances for High-heat radiation and High-current.

CMK-COMP series. Cu base(Heat radiation directly to Cu board.), Cu core(Heat-spread to whole PWB.), Inner circuit thick Cu(High-current can be allowed with thick Cu.)