CMK Corporation

Green Procurement


Green Procurement Policy

CMK Corporation promotes green procurement activities to help protect the global environment and build a recycling-oriented society. We regard "green procurement" as a collective term for research activities for identifying environmentally friendly suppliers and procuring environmentally friendly materials. We select suppliers and materials we use based on environmental friendliness in addition to quality, costs, and turnaround time.

  • Green Procurement Policy
    • In our business activities, we observe environmental laws and regulations and procure materials by giving priority to suppliers that are proactive in reducing environmental burdens.
    • We give priority to suppliers that implement controls to guarantee that their products do not contain any substances of concern or that the content of such substances is below the standard we prescribe.

Environmental Charter

We regard environmental preservation activities as an important task in the management of the company. To clarify our basic stance to the environmental preservation activities, we have established the Environmental Policy and the CMK Group's General Environmental Policy as our Environmental Charter in accordance with our Management Policy. We undertake all of our environmental preservation activities based on the Environmental Policy and all of our employees make concerted efforts to achieve a "sustainable society" while maintaining harmony with the global environment.

Environmental standards for our suppliers

Based on our Green Procurement Policy, and to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations and our customers' requests related to the environment, we have introduced environmental standards for our suppliers. Suppliers involved in the delivery of raw materials and other materials to CMK Corporation are requested to download the statements of the standards and refer to them in their operations.

1.Statement of green procurement standards and green procurement survey form as the attachment
2.Statement of standards for managing substances of concern contained in materials to be purchased
3.Documents showing the procedures for preparing AIS for compliance with the REACH Regulations, etc.

Link to an external website for building a system for managing substances of concern

The Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP) is an organization whose mission is to establish and introduce effective and workable mechanisms to facilitate the disclosure/transfer of information about chemicals contained in products across the supply chain. As part of its activities, JAMP has issued guidelines for chemical management in products and recommends that companies in the supply chain introduce the guidelines.