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Green Procurement


Green Procurement

At CMK Group, we adhere to the philosophy of 'promoting environmentally friendly business activities in every aspect and striving for harmony with the environment.'. We actively engage in the development of eco-friendly products and environmentally conscious production practices. As part of our commitment to these principles, we conduct Green Procurement, contributing to the preservation of the global environment and the creation of a sustainable society.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Standards for Our Suppliers

We have established environmental standards for our business partners to comply with environmental regulations and customer requirements related to the environment. We kindly request our suppliers and partners involved in the supply of raw materials and other resources to download and utilize these environmental standards for their operations.

1.Green procurement standards and associated green procurement survey form
2.Environmental impact substance management standards for purchased materials
3.Guidance on creating JAPIA sheets and related documents

External Link to Resources for Building an Environmental Impact Substance Management System

The "Joint Article Management Promotion Consortium" (JAMP) is actively promoting the establishment and dissemination of specific mechanisms to appropriately manage and smoothly disclose and transmit information about chemical substances within the supply chain. As part of its initiatives, JAMP has issued the "Product Content Chemical Substance Management Guidelines" and encourages its adoption by companies that form part of the supply chain.