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What's E-spec?

CMK's E-spec products meet the original environmental standards established by CMK. CMK thus contributes to the reduction of environmental load through the supply of ech-products.

Concept of E-spec Standerd

The E-spec standards consist of E-spec requirements and selection standards, In compliance with customer wishes,products meeting requirements may display the E-spec marks.

Concept of E-spec Standerd

Concept of E-spec Standards

1.Halogen-free products

Halogen-free products
Because the PWBs we produce must be flame-resistant, they contain halogenated substances (brominated flame retardants). There is some concern that these flame retardants may release dioxins when the PWBs are incinerated. We chan prevent the release of dioxins by switching to halogenn-free base materials that use non-halogan-derived flame retardants. Note that we do not use brominated flame retardants such as PBB or PBDE, which are banned under the RoHS Directive; our products have always been free of these substances.
JPCA Halogen-free Standards
Chlorine content 0.09wt% or less
Bromine content 0.09wt% or less
Combined chlorine and bromine content 0.15wt% or less
Halogen content of halogen-free products
FR-FR-1 Grade 0.15wt% or less
CEM-3 Grade 0.15wt% or less
RF-4 Grade 0.15wt% or less

By using base materials that meet the JPCA halogen-free standards, we reduced the halogen content of our products to 1/60 (compared to previous products).

2.Lead-free products

Lead-free products
PWBs with surface finishing incorporating lead solder (from a solder leveler) are subject to the RoHS Directive. If PWBs containing lead are disposed of inappropriately and subjected to acid rain , the lead can leach out and pollute the soil or groundwater. As a superior alternative, CMK recommends switching to surface finishing with water-soluble preflux.

PWB Heat Resistance in Products with Lead-Free Packaging* (Reflow Heat Resistance)

Name Grade Peak temperature Reflow temperature / Reflow time Reflow cycles
CEM-3 250°C 230°Cor higher/50±5 seconds 2
FR-4 260°C 230°Cor higher/60±5 seconds 2

Lead-free surface finishing

Surface finishing Wettability Thermal
Smoothness Environmental
Cost storage
Heat-resistant preflus/ water soluble 3 months
Gold plating 6 months
Lead-free solder leveler
× × 6 months

Relative comparison based on internal data and market surveys