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What is 'E-spec'?

At CMK, we supply products that meet our in-house environmental standards (called 'E-spec') and are committed to reducing environmental impact through our product offerings.

The E-spec Standard Concept

E-spec standards consist of both mandatory and optional criteria. Products that meet these standards display the E-spec mark upon request.

Concept of E-spec Standerd

E-spec Specifications

1.Halogen-free products

Halogen-free products
In order to impart flame resistance to printed circuit boards, they may contain halogen-based substances (bromine-based flame retardants). There is a concern that these flame retardants may generate dioxins under certain conditions when the printed circuit boards are incinerated. To mitigate this concern, we are exploring alternatives using halogen-free materials that maintain flame resistance, which can help reduce the generation of dioxins. It's also worth noting that specific bromine-based flame retardants such as PBB and PBDE are not used in CMK products, including those with traditional specifications.
JPCA Halogen-free Standard
Chlorine Content 0.09 wt% or less
Bromine Content 0.09 wt% or less
Total Chlorine and Bromine Content 0.15 wt% or less
Halogen Content in Halogen-Free Products
FR-1 Grade 0.15 wt% or less
CEM-3 Grade 0.15 wt% or less
FR-4 Grade 0.15 wt% or less

By using substrates that meet the JPCA Halogen-free Standard, the halogen content is reduced to 1/60 (compared to conventional substrates).

2.Lead-free products

Lead-free products
When lead solder is used for surface treatment (solder leveling) of printed circuit boards, it falls under the scope of the RoHS Directive. Improper disposal can result in soil and water contamination due to lead leaching when exposed to acid rain. As a solution, we recommend an alternative surface treatment using water-soluble preflux.

Heat resistance standard for lead-free compatible products* (reflow heat resistance)

Name Grade Peak temperature Reflow temperature / time Reflow cycles
CEM-3 250°C 230°C or higher / 50±5 seconds 2
FR-4 260°C 230°C or higher / 60±5 seconds 2

Lead-free compatible surface treatment

Wettability Heat
Smoothness Environmental
Cost Shelf
Thermal resistant preflux / water-soluble 3 months
Gold plating 6 months
Lead-free solder leveler
× × 6 months

Comparative analysis based on internal data and market research.
*In Japan, CMK Group phased out resin-based heat-resistant flux in January 2008 based on our plan to reduce the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).