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CMK 日本シイエムケイ株式会社


1959 Noboru Nakayama, the present Chairman, founded a private company that manufactured nameplates
1961 Incorporation occurs and Chuo Meiban Kogyo Co., Ltd. is founded.
1963 Chuo Meiban Kogyo starts PWB manufacturing.
1967 Chuo Meiban Kogyo opens Saitama Factory in Miyoshi-machi, Saitama, now called SE Center.
1970 Chuo Meiban Kogyo concentrates on PWB manufacturing with intensions to be the world's #1 PWB manufacturer.
1971 Chuo Meiban Kogyo builds a new four-story plant at Saitama Factory.
1974 Chuo Meiban Kogyo opens Gunma Factory in Isesaki-shi, Gunma, now called G Station Factory.
1980 Chuo Meiban Kogyo opens CMK Singapore as a strategic foothold for overseas business.
1981 Chuo Meiban Kogyo opens its Technical Center as a foothold for R&D, now called the Technical Center Factory.
1983 Chuo Meiban Kogyo achieves top market share for single-sided PWBs.
1984 Chuo Meiban Kogyo changes its name to CMK Corporation.
1985 CMK is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and achieves top market share for double-sided PWBs.
1986 CMK opens the Kiban Center, now called Kiban Center Factory, to meet internationally expanding demand for audiovisuals.
1987 CMK opens CMK Europe in Belgium as its first manufacturing foothold in Europe.
1989 CMK is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and intensively enters in the multilayer PWB market. CMKS Malaysia is opened.
1990 CMK opens the Niigata Satellite in Seiro-machi, Niigata, now called Niigata Satellite Factory, to expand production of silver paste through-hole PWBs.
1992 CMK enters the IVH multilayer PWB market. CMK Singapore obtains ISO 9002 certification.
1993 G Station obtains ISO 9002 certification. and other offices follow.
1994 CMK opens CMKS Indonesia.
1995 CMK starts laser-based mass production of build-up PWBs applied in cellular phones.
1998 CMK makes major advances in rigid substrates used for semiconductor packages
and starts manufacturing ALIVH®.
1999 CMKS(CHINA)FACTORY opens.:The first production site in china.
2000 CMKC (DONG GUAN) opens.:The second production site in China.
2001 CMK Electronics(WUXI) opens.:The Build-up production site in china.
CMKC (HONG KONG) LIMITED is established in Hong Kong.
2003 CMK Global Brands Manufacture Limited. opens.:Joint venture with Pou chen corporation for automotive PWB applications.
2008 CMK Singapore is renamed CMK ASIA (PTE.) LTD.
2012 CMKC (SHENZHEN), LTD. is established.