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CMK 日本シイエムケイ株式会社

Our Business

Printed wiring board (“PWB”) business (Overview of PWBs)

Double-sided PWBs
Multilayer PWBs
Build-up PWBs
Rigid Flex (“RF”) Series
Products for automotive use (automotive PWBs, CARFT, SEPT)
Products for high heat dissipation and high current
Environmentally friendly PWBs

PWB Applications


ECU(Hybrid vehicles), integrated ECUs, electrically assisted power steering, automotive safety systems (millimeter-wave radar), LED headlights, anti-brake systems, inverter/converter systems, car navigation systems

Digital still cameras, digital video cameras

Compact DSCs, mirrorless SLR cameras, SLR video cameras

Mobile communications devices

Smartphones, tablet PCs, mobile phones

Audio-visual, visual, and digital equipment

Smart TVs/ LCD TVs/ projectors, Blu-ray/ DVD/ HDD recorders, audio systems, notebook/ desktop PCs, portable/ stationary game consoles, printers


Products for housing equipment, medical and healthcare products, aero products, lighting equipment