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CMK 日本シイエムケイ株式会社



Since its establishment in 1959, CMK Corporation has aspired to contribute to society through its business.

The printed wiring boards that we manufacture are used in a range of products, from the automobiles and smartphones of everyday life to automatic faucets and LED products, products that are less noticeable but that help enhance our living standards.
These boards play an important role in growth products, such as components in the automotive industry – currently experiencing remarkable technological innovations such as automated driving and fuel-cell vehicles – and sophisticated wearable appliances, the size and weight have been reduced to the extreme.

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we aim to provide a range of high-quality products, including general-purpose products for different uses, build-up boards, in-vehicle boards, high heat dissipating boards, and boards for high currents.
We will participate in the development stage of cutting-edge products to meet challenging requirements to pursue what customers really want, ensure that our printed wiring boards evolve, and create products that deliver full satisfaction.

Pursuing its credo of “Development and Lasing Prosperity,” the CMK Group will continue its efforts to create a company that enjoys the confidence of all its stakeholders under its policy of “Quality First in Management.”

Takeo Takai
President and Chief Executive Officer