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CMK 日本シイエムケイ株式会社


Established in 1959, CMK Corporation will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its operational launch next year. Ahead of this milestone, we would like to deeply thank all of our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and business partners, for their patronage and support over the years.

Recently, demand has expanded for printed wiring boards centered on the automotive industry. Orders received by the CMK Group have also grown, reflecting such changes as the spread of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and an accelerated shift to plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) and electric vehicles (EVs).

Considering those changes to be business opportunities, the CMK Group will not only expand its production capacity to meet the needs of its customers, but also enhance its efforts to improve the efficiency of production and operations and build systems that can adapt to changes in market conditions.

The CMK Group will realize the same quality and the unification of manufacturing systems worldwide while harnessing the characteristics of each Group production base. We will work hard to ensure that our customers use more Group products, with greater confidence in us.

With the 60th anniversary around the corner, the CMK Group will move forward as one, always the way it should be to remain relevant to society. We ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.

Takeo Takai Executive chairman  Isao Osawa President and Chief Executive Officer