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CMK 日本シイエムケイ株式会社

New Products

  • Super Fine PPBU for dramatically higher density of build-up PWBs
  • CARFT®Series, which improve the connection reliability of mounted components
  • The SEPT®series”
  • ZEROWARP®, a world-first technology for highly durable solder resist

Products for Automotive Use

  • Technologies on automotive PWBs from CMK, a reliable company boasting world’s largest market share and extensive track record

Products for High Heat Dissipation and High Current

  • The CMK-COMP Series, incorporating technologies for metal composite PWBs for high heat dissipation and high current

Build-up Products

  • CMK’s build-up PWBs, which contribute to higher functionality, smaller size, and lighter weight of smartphones, tablet PCs, and next-generation notebook PCs

General-Purpose Products

  • Double-sided through hole PWBs, through hole multilayer PWBs, IVH multilayer PWBs Our products support a range devices, from industrial applications to renewable energy.

Simulations and Design Technologies

  • With our simulation technologies, we respond to needs related to electronic devices, of which higher speed and higher frequency are demanded.
  • PWB design technologies based on consideration of reliability and mass producibility of equipment