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Fine Through-Hole Specification

CMK Automotive PWB

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  • This PWB can have 0.8 mm pitch BGA and can be changed from Build-up PWB. (VA/VE proposal)
  • High reliability for automotive engine environment.


  • Electric products for automotive use which require 0.8 mm BGA spec. (Navigation, meter panel, engine ECU etc.)


Replaceable from HDI to Through-hole

Through-hole PWB with 0.8 mm pitch BGA

Replacement diagram from build-up structure to through-beam structure

Design spec.

material Our specific material
PWB thickness 1.2 mm
Conductor thickness 32 μm
(Base Copper 12
+ Cu-Plating 20)
L/S(Min.) 0.10/0.10 mm
Land/Hole(Min.) φ0.5 mm/Φ0.25 mm
design specifications