CMK Corporation

CMK Composite Metal PWB (Cu core)

High heat radiation metal composite PWB

Product & Technology Product & Technology


  • Possible to mount on both side.
  • Possible to mount lead insertion device.
  • Metal core can be used as power source or ground.


  • Electric control unit for automobiles.
  • Power supply unit for industrial machines.
  • PWB for high current and high heat radiation.


MC-1 (1 core type)

metal core: 1-3-1 HDI type

MC-2 (2 core type)

metal core: 4L type

Comparison of CMK-COMP and general PWB

Variety of PWB and temperature distribution

Chart of types and temperature distribution results

Measurement method

Measurement method: Charge voltage to the transistor mounted on the PWB standing on the rack.
Measure the surface temperature of PWB with infrared camera.

Photograph of applying voltage to a transistor on a printed wiring board standing on a rack.