CMK Corporation

Enviromental protection promotion system


In August 2006, the CMK Group conducted a major overhaul of its environmental protection promotion system. Under the supervision of the Companywide Environmental Committee as the core organization, the CMK Group is working to improve product chemical tracking and to develop measures to combat global warming at all domestic and overseas sites.

Enviromental protection promotion system
Environmental Audit Section A section responsible for coordinating all environmental system audits and for audit plans, implementation, confirmation, and reporting.
CO2 Reduction Working Group Section for CO2 management toward Low-Carbon-Society and to discuss Save-Energy relational laws and Emission-Trading.
Companywide Environmental Committee An organization composed of representatives from each CMK Group business site and related section responsive for discussing and making decisions concerning environmental issues affecting the entire company.
Business sites The environmental promotion organization at each site responsible for coordination including submitting proposals when required for environmental subjects to be discussed at the Companywide Environmental Committee and implementing committee decisions.
Sections Sections not affiliated with particular sites; responsible for advice and collation of ideas based on specialist knowledge.

*EHS: Environmental Hazardous Substances