CMK Corporation

Enviromental protection promotion system


In August 2006, under the umbrella of CMK Group, we conducted a significant overhaul of our environmental conservation promotion system. With the Company-wide Environmental Committee serving as the core organization, we are addressing challenges such as chemical substance management in our products and issues related to global warming, including at our overseas facilities.

Enviromental protection promotion system
Environmental Audit Committee Responsible for consolidating environmental system audits and EHS management audits. It oversees audit planning, execution, verification, reporting, and related activities.
CO2 Reduction Working Group An organization focused on managing CO2 emissions to achieve a low-carbon society. It conducts assessments related to revised energy conservation compliance and emission trading.
Companywide Environmental Committee A committee composed of representatives from various CMK Group business locations and related departmental representatives. It serves as the governing body responsible for deliberating and making decisions on environmental issues that are essential across the entire organization.
Each business location Each business location's environmental promotion organization submits proposals to the Company-wide Environmental Committee regarding necessary environmental issues.
Each department Departments not affiliated with individual business locations that provide specialized knowledge-based advice and coordination.

*EHS: Environmental Hazardous Substances