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CMK Environmental Charter

Based on one of our management policies, "fulfillment of the Company's social responsibility as a good corporate citizen," CMK CORPORATION makes the best efforts to all the business operation in order to protect the global environment.

General Environmental Policy

With the conviction that harmonizing with the global environment and protecting the irreplaceable blessings of nature are the responsibility of people living today, CMK will promote qualitative and continual improvement in environmental preservation activities.

    • We establish an environmental conservation system for the CMK Group and clarify the risks to, and our efforts for, the environment,targeting continual improvement in the environmental management system to improve environmental performances.
    • We strictly comply with environmental laws, regulations and customer requirements and perform thorough upstream management of our corporate activities to prevention of pollution and protection of the environment.
    • We value finite resources and promote recycling, waste reduction,and substitutions for hazardous substances.
    • We promote energy-saving activities and work to adapt to or mitigate climate change, aiming to realize a sustainable society.
    • We respect biodiversity, take good care of nature and all of its blessings, and strive to protect the ecosystem and realize harmonious coexistence with local environments.
    • We conduct environmental audits to check, maintain, and improve our environmental control activities.
    • We actively promote awareness raising and public relations through environmental education.

Philosophy of Quality

CMK CORPORATION applies technology, innovation and manufacturing exp ertise to p rovide exceptional products that satisfy and impress customers and gain user trust and loyalty.

Quality Policy

    • Provide attractive / appealing products and services based on solid understanding of the needs and expectations of customers to make our company become their natural choice.
    • Promote company-wide awareness of importance of quality and implement continual improvement for quality management system.
    • Set quality targets, identify the means for achieving the targets, and strive to achieve the targets rapidly and appropriately.

Human Resource Development Policy

In accordance with its Management Policy, CMK Corporation shall actively encourage the personal development of each one of its employees, to improve their business skills and to build a workforce who can act positively, are creative, and can contribute to society.

CMK Group Purchasing Policies

CMK is dedicated to growth alongside our suppliers, based on a recognition of their role as capable partners. CMK's purchasing activities are based on the following purchasing policies, with an emphasis on fair and good-faith transactions and with the goal of achieving sustainable growth in the business activities of both partners.

Compliance with laws

Purchasing activities shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and societal norms. Positions of superiority in transactions are not abused, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations including the Anti-Monopoly Law and the Subcontractors Protection Act, as well as standard business practice. Relations of trust are established with suppliers through means including communication in business operations. Gifts, entertainment, dining, and other activities are normally not accepted, offered, or requested, except within the scope generally accepted.

Fairness and impartiality

Suppliers are selected based on their capacity to meet specific quality levels, standards, performance, and other requirements, ensuring objectivity and economic rationality based on market prices, and fair and impartial evaluations, thereby providing equal opportunities to all companies, whether in Japan or overseas.

Global environmental considerations

Personnel shall seek to purchase raw materials, products, and parts that have reduced impact on society and the global environment.

Selecting suppliers from the standpoint of corporate social responsibility

To build stronger partnerships, suppliers meeting the following conditions will be given preference:

    • Compliance with laws, regulations, and societal norms
    • Proactively carrying out activities intended to protect the environment and ensure safety
    • Sound business conditions
    • Satisfactory quality, price, delivery times, and other factors; evidence of efforts to maintain and improve these levels